Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just Cause for a Kapampangan National Liberation

Maniauad cayung catalaruan, ing panugaling Filipinu? Dapot e yu camalayan na ing anuadan tamu camatayan, ing pangasintang ning quecatamung panga-Kapampangan, ing pamaglau ning quecatamung mal a Indung Tibuan, ing panga-ipus ning quecatamung dai.

Nanu ing maguing tamung calma? Maging taung alang caladdua, maguing bangsang alang catimauan, metung a bangsang mapaquiapos? Ing eganagana quecatamu maging dinam, pilalung sala't capintasan dinam.

Anuadan yu ing pamaguing-Filipinu dapot e cayu durucu kng dine nung lilingad da iti quecayu... Dapot dapat samantalanan tamu ing diria at sama da quecatamu ring maqui-upaya. Nio ali ra catamu atanggap-tanggap ausan Filipinu dapot cuanan da catamu pang ausan dugong aso kng peca-arapan tamo? Masanting! Manimuna tamu qng pamibubu ning quecatamung pangasarili! ITICDO TA YA ING ASIAS NING BANGSANG KAPAMPANGAN!

Ala lang babie capanayan? Lakuas masanting! Manalig tamu qng quecatamung sarili at qng sarili tamung caguiuan! Liuas kng panaguimpan tamung maging tamu mung dimut a lalauigan, PANAGIMPAN TAMUNG MAGUING TAMUNG METUNG A BANGSA! Palabungan ta ya ing timaua at e maca-alipan a caisipan!

Ing pamanupaya e ya pane cayapan. Mitmu ya iting carocan nung ya na ing maguing sangcan ning pangayalipan! Alang manalipan nung alang payalipan!

"You ask for parity of rights, the Filipino way of life, and you do not realize that what you are asking for is death, the destruction of your national identity, the disappearance of your homeland, the ratification of tyranny. What is to become of you? A people without a soul, a nation without freedom; everything in you will be borrowed, even your very defects. You ask for Philippinization and do not blush for shame when it is denied you...What you do is take advantage of the prejudices of our rulers. So they refuse to integrate you to the Filipino 'nation' and call you dugong aso to your faces. So much the better! Take the lead in forming your own individuality, TRY TO LAY THE FOUNDATIONS OF A KAPAMPAÑGAN NATION. They give you no hopes. All the better! Hope only in yourselves and in your own efforts...Instead of aspiring to be a mere province, ASPIRE TO BE A NATION; develop an independent, not a colonial, mentality...Resignation is not always a virtue; it is a crime when it encourages oppression. There are no tyrants where there are no slaves."

siuala ding meangubie
Amun ning Kapampangan a Simoun qng Kapampangan a Basilio
meangu qng El Filibusterismo nang Jose Rizal

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